A Blasphemous Conversation

In which lesser vampire authors Lucy Blue and Alexandra Christian bemoan the fate of their idol. LUCY:  How much do we hate Anne Rice’s new UK cover?!!??!  LEX:  WTF is wrong with them??!!!… Continue reading

Rise Up, Kittens! Or at least stop lying down . . . .

Without writers, publishing as an industry would not exist.  Well, duh, you may well say; how obvious; how trite; how could any sane person not know that?  And I would agree.  But I… Continue reading

Imaginarium 2014!

So where ya gonna be September 19-21, 2014, kittens?  Me, I’ll be in Louisville, Kentucky, at the first ever Imaginarium, a convention created specifically for creators and fans of speculative fiction in all… Continue reading

When One Demon Lover Just Isn’t Enough – Behind the Red Door by Alexandra Christian

Just in time for lazing on the beach (or hiding your Kindle from the kiddies at the beach house), my baby sister, Alexandra Christian, is releasing all three novellas in her Behind the… Continue reading

A Fairy Tale Tease

In honor of Benedict Cumberbatch’s much-deserved Emmy nomination, a tiny tease from the at-least-partially-BC-inspired fairy tale for grown-ups I finished writing last month, Christabel’s Tale.  So what do we think, Cumberbiscuits? * *… Continue reading

My Love Affair With Artists (particularly one)

I can write, but I can’t draw worth a lick.  I’m serious; I’m not being modest; I can’t even draw a stick figure you can recognize as meant to be human; playing Hangman… Continue reading

Writing a Sex Scene to Remember

I’m sure it’s a huge surprise to all of you, my dearest readers, but I write romance novels.  I know, usually on here I’m talking about a television show or #BenedictCumberbatch ‘s thighs,…

The Black Knight can be a bitch!

  A tiny, sneaky peek at my WIP, my first medieval in forever.  The woman in this scene is most definitely not the heroine.  But even so, this new hero guy, John, can… Continue reading

Strange as Angels, Ugly as Sin

An excerpt from one of the more demonic passages of my horror romance, Strange as Angels, available right this very minute: * * * * * * * * * * * *… Continue reading

The Very Best Thing That Ever Happened

Four years ago today, I was scared out of my mind.  The man I was pretty sure I loved, maybe, certainly, possibly, how the heck can you tell over the Internet? was coming… Continue reading