Imaginarium 2014

What is it?  A convention celebrating all things creative – writing, publishing, filmmaking, visual art, gaming, social media, blogging, fandom – basically, if you’re making art of any kind, you’ll find kindred souls… Continue reading

The Winners!

We have the winners of our Hot Summer Bash!  I’ll be emailing a PDF copy of my book, Strange as Angels, to the following lovely people: Mina Gerhart – our grand prize winner,… Continue reading

Sapiosexual Love Monkeys: Lucy’s Own Top 10

My baby sister was the first person I ever heard describe themselves as a “sapiosexual” – someone who’s turned on by brains more than looks, who has to have their intellect stimulated before… Continue reading

Meet My Character Blog Tour: Romeo Kidd from Alpha Romeo

Welcome to the Meet My Character blog tour, a round robin sort of discussion where we writer types get a chance to introduce one of our favorite characters from a new or in-progress… Continue reading

Guest Post: Crymsyn Hart’s Deathly Encounters

Today instead of me prattling on about whatever, I have the lovely, talented, and charmingly morbid Crymsyn Hart, whose latest book, Death’s Dance, kicks off an exciting and original new horror series from Seventh Star… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Angelique (Warning: Rated R)

WARNING:  This post contains a full erotic vampire short story with all the sex and violence that suggests.  Read at your own risk. I saw somebody mention that it’s Throwback Thursday, and I’ve… Continue reading

Hollywood Haunts Me

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned, I have a book coming out today.  Alpha Romeo is the first person story of Scarlett the Starlet whose father, Calvin Cross, is widely considered the greatest… Continue reading

ALAS, ‘TIS DONE: Psssst . . . . hey kittens . . . . over here . . . 8 Free E-Books, 8 hours to grab’em

Wanna score a free e-book? My latest and greatest, Alpha Romeo, a contemporary Hollywood romance in the tradition of Danielle Steele and TMZ, comes out tomorrow, Wednesday, August 20, from Purple Sword Publications. … Continue reading

Hot Summer Bash – Much read-y stuff to win!

Me and a whole slew of other amazing writers of paranormal and supernatural horror and romance have gotten together to wind down bikini season with a “Hot Summer Bash.”  The grand prize winner… Continue reading

Back to my regularly scheduled being a writer thing . . .

Whatever happens with Amazon/Hachette and the rest of the terrified and terrifying world of publishing as we know it, I’m still writing books and still being lucky enough to get’em published.  My brilliant… Continue reading