small-american-starletHollywood princess Scarlett Cross has been a public scandal all her life. Her supermodel mom was murdered when Scarlett was only four. Her father, Calvin Cross, is a legend of the silver screen and every swanky hotel suite from Paris to Beverly Hills. Now she’s divorcing her husband, Romeo Kidd, the sexiest man alive, breaking the hearts of fans who have followed their romance for years. But her fans don’t know the half of it. This teen-age dream could be a nightmare. And Scarlett is ready to tell all.
American Starlet is Book One of The Scarlett Chronicles, a 1980s potboiler in the tradition of Scruples, Lace, and Valley of the Dolls. Contains explicit sex, gruesome violence, and profanity.


fear to tread“I think my mama was right. I think there is a heaven, and I know there’s a hell. And if that’s where you are right now because you didn’t know any better than to not believe it, I know it’s my fault…If you were here, you’d tell me I’m crazy, but would you say there’s no hell? Did you believe in anything but us?”

Three days after her mother’s suicide, Laura married her soulmate, Hank, and left the ghosts and superstitions of Savannah behind. They made a life together in a northern city where all their friends were new and angels and demons were nothing but symbols in their art. But now Hank is dead, taken in his prime by cancer. And real or delusion, Laura’s angels and demons are back. Lucifer himself has made her fragile sanity his latest weapon against his angel brother, Caleb, and their battle may well drag Laura straight to hell.

winter-night-cover3“Dear heart, listen to me closely.” His eyes were a shocking shade of blue. “I smell petrol. This vehicle is seconds away from exploding, at which time I intend to be well away with you tucked snugly to my side. I draw the line, however, at carrying your suitcase.”

When Christabel loses control of her car on a mountain road in a freak, late winter blizzard, she is rescued by Bernard, a quirky-hot scientist living and working in seclusion at his family mansion nearby. Snowed in miles from civilization in a manor house straight out of Downton Abbey or Wuthering Heights, she finds herself falling head over heels in lust and maybe even love with this knight in shining snow shoes. But all the best knights have a dark side. The better she gets to know Bernard and his mysterious home, the more she realizes her finding herself there might not have been an accident at all.

demon's kissWearied by the violence of the Crusades, Simon, Knight of Lyan, is returning home to Ireland when he is attacked by a vampire and transformed into a creature of the night. His only chance for redemption is to find an ancient treasure of legend — the power of which can restore his humanity.

Young Isabel of the Castle Charmot knows that her freedom and the preservation of her family’s estate depend not only on her comeliness, but on an intricate deception of her own design. Thus far, her ruse has kept potential enemies and amorous suitors at bay — until the mysterious visitor appears at her door, asking to explore the catacombs of her keep.

In each other, Simon and Isabel find the comfort and trust to share their separate secrets — and a shared passion they never thought possible. But when the sinister creature that cursed Simon to darkness arises once more, the doomed knight must choose between saving his immortal soul and claiming the heart of the only woman he’s ever loved…. Bound in Darkness: Book 1

devils knight coverOn the battlefields of Norman Britain, Tristan DuMaine cheated death countless times. Now he only wants to live a quiet life at his borderlands manor. But it will take an otherworldly power — the bite of a vampire — to unleash his fiercest appetite for revenge after a band of brigands forces him into a sham marriage with a rebel spitfire.

She watched Norman invaders murder her father; now beautiful Siobhan vows to avenge him. At Castle DuMaine she imprisons her sworn enemy in a marital power play designed to betray his allegiance to his cousin, Henry II. But the insatiable bloodlust that flows through Tristan’s veins will soon ensnare them both in a hungry passion that inhabits a dark haven where secret desires live forever. . . .Bound in Darkness: Book 2


dark angel coverThe sworn knight of an English lord, Gareth returns to the Highlands to pay a debt of blood to his uncle, the man who killed his father. But when his uncle’s men murder his companions and leave him for dead, a mysterious beauty rescues him. Tender one moment, cruel the next, she bewitches him to his core.

Roxanna, a vampire princess, is sworn to break the curse that banished her kind to the dark. Awakened from her years-long slumber by Gareth’s voice, she preyed on his attackers and kept him alive only to feed her hunger. But every night with Gareth makes her want him more, not just as a lover but as the soul mate she has never known. Together they will achieve both their dreams . . . or be lost to the darkness as one. Bound in Darkness: Book 3.